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dCarbonx to expand subsurface H2 storage solution in Belfast

dCarbonX Ltd said its plans are advancing rapidly for the development of large and secure underground hydrogen storage in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a target to reduce carbon intensive natural gas usage.

The company's decarbonization plan will use 70 MW of electrolyzers to generate hydrogen which is significant in a broader European context. Breakthrough electrolyzer technology will be used in the process of splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. 

The hydrogen storage solution is being developed by dCarbonX for its partner B9 Energy (B9). Both companies are members of the ‘Belfast Power-to-X’ (BP2X) Collaborative Network, which is focused on the decarbonization of the Belfast city region. BP2X is supported by Invest Northern Ireland through its Collaborative Growth Programme.

dCarbonX is developing a pioneering & safe subsurface hydrogen storage solution using liquid hydrogen. This scalable technology could also potentially be rolled out globally at storage sites such as processing hubs & refueling stations.

Hydrogen storage is the essential element to fully exploit the energy potential of intermittent renewables such as wind & solar. Hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel and storing hydrogen means that energy providers can guarantee consumers a reliable source of energy when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.  

Since January, an initial geological assessment of two high-graded storage sites has been completed and an appropriate modular and scalable subsurface storage solution has been selected to progress to the next stage. A detailed logistics & drilling feasibility assessment is now underway. Regulatory consent and commercial agreements will be required for final project sanction. 

"Safe subsurface energy storage is a key enabler for the balanced growth of intermittent renewable energy production from wind and solar," said dCarbonX CEO Tony O’Reilly. "Hydrogen is a clean fuel as well as being ideal for underground storage. Drawing on our subsurface knowledge & strategic partnerships, dCarbonX has developed an innovative solution for the safe and secure underground storage of liquid hydrogen for Northern Ireland.”  


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