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First Garbage to Zero Carbon Fuels Plant Completes Construction

Fulcrum BioEnergy of California announced on July 7th that it has indeed completed the construction work on its Sierra Biofuels Plant in Nevada. The company stated that this is the world’s first commercial scale plant that allows conversion of garbage into low-cost, zero-carbon transportation fuels.

This plant near Reno, Nevada has the annual ability to turn 175,000 tons of what Fulcrum calls “prepared municipal solid waste” into 11 million gallons of zero-carbon syncrude.  The next step for this product will be to upgrade this syncrude into sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, and renewable gasoline, which Fulcrum BioEnergy will market as “Fulcrum Fuel”. Now that construction has been stated as complete, startup operations and commissioning is underway with actual fuel production due by the end of 2021.

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