About Global Energy Infrastructure


The Global Energy Infrastructure platform has brought together Gulf Energy Information’s Energy Web Atlas (mapping tool) and Construction Boxscore Database (refining and petrochemicals), along with Petroleum Economist maps and expertise in the energy sector to provide an essential tool for the energy market. Global Energy Infrastructure is now uniquely positioned to address our customer’s needs for global projects insight across hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas pipelines and refining and petrochemicals, as we move through the energy transition.  

Tabular data is fed directly into Global Energy Infrastructure, covering status, scope, project description, details on ownership, and other essential data. Our platform is used by the world’s largest energy companies, national oil and gas companies, suppliers, consultancies, law firms, investors and government bodies to track projects around the world.  For business development, sales and marketing and market analysts, a comprehensive view and intelligence of the global energy market gives them an advantage in winning new business and understanding trends in important market segments.

To see all our tabular data in maps, visit GEI Mapping here.

Global Energy Infrastructure is brought to you by Gulf Energy Information, the leading global media company for the energy industry, with information brands Petroleum Economist, Transition Economist, Hydrogen Economist, World Oil, Pipeline & Gas Journal, Gas Processing & LNG, Hydrocarbon Processing and H2Tech

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Ed Bramwell, Head of Data Sales

Ed. Bramwell@GulfEnergyInfo.com


Meet our Team



Peregrine Bush
Senior Director - Data and Technology

Peregrine Bush was educated at Oxford Brookes University obtaining a BSc. Degree in Cartography and Geography. After university, he worked on aeronautical charts for British Airways. In November 1997, he joined the PE Media Network as part of the cartography department. Over the past 25 years as senior cartographic editor, Peregrine has been researching, producing and maintaining the companies cartographic output, with over 1 million paper energy maps distributed globally. 

Peregrine was part of the digital data team developing and delivering digital output for PE Media Network and Gulf Energy Information. In November 2022, Peregrine moved to Senior Director, Data and Technology at Gulf Energy Information leading the team of researchers and analysts continuing to provide downstream and midstream energy data to customers worldwide.



Thad Pittman
Senior Researcher - Refining, Petrochemical

Thad researches refineries, petrochemical projects and LNG facilities for the Construction Boxscore database and Global Energy Infrastructure. He has worked in downstream and upstream research for over 12 years and is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University.


Zuzanna Jurek
Research Analyst - Hydrogen

Zuza joined Gulf Energy Information in January 2023, where she holds of a position as a research analyst. She researches developments in the hydrogen industry, focusing on global trends of production. She had previously worked in diplomacy-related research and holds an MA in Russian and Post-Soviet Politics from UCL.


Seth Haskell
Research Analyst - LNG / Pipelines

Seth joined Gulf Energy Information in January 2023, where he researches LNG and pipeline projects for Global Energy Infrastructure, keeping GEI abreast of the newest projects and trends in gas infrastructure. Seth is a native of the DC area and a graduate of the University of Leeds.