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Subscribers – Accessing your account

  • My login details are not working.

Please check your password and username – normally your email address – are up to date. If those are correct and you have recently changed your details, please clear your cache and cookies.

If after clearing your cache and cookies you are still unable to log in, please email your account manager or the customer services team with as much information as you can provide – screenshots are welcome.

  • Can I share my login information?

No, that is not allowed. If you are found to be sharing your login information, your account will be suspended.

  • My company is subscribed to your products, but I can’t log in. What can I do?

Check with your company’s information services contact to find out which products and/or database you are subscribed to. Once this is established, try to log in once more. If the login issues persist, please contact the GEI sales team with details of the issue and we’ll investigate it for you.


Not a subscriber or have a product query?

  • I would like to find out about your subscription options / I am an existing subscriber and would like extra licences / I am a data vendor and would like to work with you.

Please contact Ed Bramwell, Director of Market Intelligence, here.

  • I am an existing subscriber and I have a question or query about a project or how you define a project.

For queries, corrections, updating information on your project or if you would like your project to be listed, please contact Peregrine Bush, Director of Data and Technology, by email.


Learn more about Global Energy Infrastructure

  •  What is Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI)?

Global Energy Infrastructure covers the status and scope of projects, offering project descriptions, ownership details and other important data. It is an essential global project data tool for key decision-makers and executives in the energy sector. Our datasets provide you with the latest insights on the costs and progress of implementation and adoption of projects and project technology across hydrogen, LNG, pipelines (including gas, oil, products and hydrogen), refining, petrochemicals, biofuels, and carbon capture and storage.

  • Why would my organisation benefit from a subscription to Global Energy Infrastructure?

Our platform is used by the world’s largest energy companies, national oil and gas companies, suppliers, consultancies, law firms, investors and government bodies to track projects around the world. 

For business development, sales and marketing, and market analysts, a comprehensive view of and intelligence about the global energy market gives them an advantage in winning new business and understanding trends in important market segments.

  • Does Global Energy Infrastructure provide the option to filter data?

Global Energy Infrastructure provides a search function where the user can refine the amount of data they are looking for. This data can then be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis.


 Project details and our methodology

  • What information is displayed on each project?

Depending on the dataset, we have a variety of information that is displayed for each project. Common throughout will be project name, description, owner/operator, shareholder or participants, project status, start-up dates and project commentary, as well as technical data highlighting specific metrics associated with the dataset.

Geographical data includes region, country and project location to the nearest city/town. Specific information is available on request.

  • How do you collect project information?

We have a variety of methods via which our researchers collate the data for each project. These include direct contact with companies as a well as company reports and press releases. We utilise Gulf Energy Information’s brands for editorial support and verifiable information. The team additionally uses social media, RSS feeds, alerts and other media sources to track projects.

All projects are checked and verified before they are published. However, if you are directly involved with a project that we list and have any corrections that need to be made, please get in touch with us confidentially.

  • How do I know when a project has been updated?

Each project contains a ‘last edited’ date and an update note in the commentary.

  • Who can I contact for more information about your data?

Please get in touch with our Data Research Department to find out more about our data collection.

  • Do you offer free trials for your data sets?

Not as rule. You should contact the sales team about your needs and requirements. They may suggest a product demo, provide samples or offer a ‘deep dive’ with one of our researchers.


GEI Mapping

What is it and how will it benefit your organisation?

  • Why would your organisation benefit from a subscription to GEI Mapping?

By mapping and analysing the existing energy infrastructure, decision-makers can gain insights into the geographical distribution, connectivity, and interdependencies of energy systems globally.

Advanced geospatial technologies, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), through our partnership with ESRI, are employed to visualise and analyse the data, allowing for a better understanding of energy infrastructure patterns, trends and potential vulnerabilities.

GEI Mapping includes feature classes that cover essential aspects of the energy industry, such as global gas and oil pipeline infrastructure, downstream construction projects (including refining, petrochemicals, gas processing and biofuels) and renewable energy projects.

  • Does GEI provide the option to filter results on GEI Mapping?

GEI Mapping provides a search function where the user can refine the amount of data that they are looking for. This data can then be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis. For the detailed User Guide, click here.


Construction Boxscore Database – Understanding our downstream project database

The database covers active construction projects across the global refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries. As new opportunities emerge in the global hydrocarbon processing industry, the database aims to give companies the tools and perspective to recognise market trends and win new business.

The industry is more competitive than ever before, and with our team of editorial professionals updating Construction Boxscore Database with timely and accurate information about current construction projects, we provide subscribers with actionable insight they can apply alongside their own market research, budgeting and planning.

  • Do you provide the option to filter the data that I view on Construction Boxscore Database?

The database provides a search function where the user can refine the amount of data they are looking for. This data can then be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis. For the detailed User Guide, click here.


Subscribing to the GEI Newsletter 

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You will need to register your details with GEI here. You will be granted access to read articles on our website and automatically opted in to receive the monthly newsletter.

  • I can’t read the articles on the site.

If you’ve registered your details with us before, try to log in again. This should allow you to read all news articles. If you don’t have login details, we recommend registering here to be granted access.

  • I’m a registered user and have just received a notification that my account has expired.

Please contact GEI immediately so that we can reset your account for you.